mai 27, 2008


I said...

Lord, I need Your assistance.
I need You to guide me,
To show me the way;
To open my eyes
As I can see
Your footsteps.
And I only need You
To give me the courage
To follow them,
To follow You.
I need to forget
About my mistakes,
I need to overlook
My worries;
To step into the peace
You’ve promised me.
I want to let down my dreams;
Lay them down, before Your feet.
I want to give up everything
And just listen You.
I want to loose control,
To become dependent of You
And of Your word.
Your thoughts, make them mine.
With Your will, paint my life.
Your music make my relish
And Your Holy face, my Light.
Mine- let nothing to be
And me- let me be Your dream.
I, may I be Your heart’s delight;
Your’s, I want to be forever.
And You to be my eternal
Love and dream
And joy and peace.
In You can I be all these
And more.
In fact, I can’t.
You can.
Make me whole again.

...And He was there, everywhere around me. He answered. I felt His answer on my cheeks, on my shoulders, in my eyes- when He painted my smile and healed my heart, when He made me- whole again.

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